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Artificial Pancreas Treatment

Redefining life with diabetes

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What is APT?

Trina Health offers Artificial Pancreas Treatment centers dedicated to helping patients suffering from improper resting carbohydrate metabolism, which is diabetes.

Our Story

One of the most important advancements in the treatment of diabetes since insulin has come from the incredible persistence of Mr. G. Ford Gilbert, who experienced the devastating effects of diabetes upfront and personally. At the age of two, Trina, Mr. Gilbert’s daughter, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

  • Happy People 100%
  • Effects of Diabetes Decreased 97%
  • Excited for their new life 100%

Everyone is nice, have a big screen to watch and a nice recliner. If you are considering this then come on!

Thomas Motes


I felt really comfortable, especially in an unknown environment. Everything is wide open and you can speak with other patients. After the 3rd treatment I just had much more energy. Everything just felt natural.

Rick Licon


After 3 weeks of treatment, I have my life back.

Jim Lewis


Before treatment, walking and driving was very difficult. 3 weeks into treatment with Trina, I am back to LIFE!

Robert Balding


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